Sunday, December 5, 2010

Review of ibibo games

Hi guys this is gautham writing his first post ,this post is mainly for casual gamers out there
How would you guys like to play some no nonsense casual games with your friends,just imagine playing with your favourite celebrities for free. well if you are ogling at these thoughts then ibibo is the place for you.

First let us take a look at the games available in ibibo ( :

1.Mumbai underworld
2.ibibo farms
3.The great indian parking wars
5.Teen patti

Now lets get on with their reviews the first three games that is the mumbai underworld,ibibo farms,the great indian parking wars are just imitations of highly popular games like farmville on facebook.even though they are similar i wont say they are completely alike mind you their graphics are on par with the originals but i cant speak for the gameplay.The number of mods and options are far less when compared to the social networking giants.

One of the main features that ibibo boasts of is the online version of the famous indian game Teen patti which means a game of triple A's in hindi.The main objective is to get the highest score, AAA being the maximum.this is a pretty good move by them to attract indian people.

If you are not a big fan of passive multiplayer games ex:farmville and would like to play along with your friends instantly then they have live games which serve your nefarious needs ,some of the good ones are snakes and dices,tic tac toe and the occasional chess. furthermore they have reality games such as airtel isinger which can be used to express your also has competetive tournaments like 9 ball which enables you to win cash prizes.

Although ibibo has a few flaws which need to be corrected it has great features which let you to share the fun with your friends, play with your favourite celebrities and win some cool prizes.

P.S: The feature that struck me was actually their awesome tagline "Ibibo why play akele?"

thankyou for reading my blog and feel free to comment on what you thought about it,there is always room for improvement,bye and cheers........